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Interesting Life Insurance Facts

  • 80% of consumers think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is

  • Even though most Americans have life insurance, most of them don’t have enough

  • The industry has an entire month devoted to making consumers aware of life insurance.  Its called Life Insurance Awareness Month held every year in September

  • 18% of life insurance customers have both term and permanent insurance policies

  • On average a funeral costs between $7000 and $10,000

What You Need to Know About Life Insurance in Tucson, Arizona For You and Your Family                                              

Ivy Insurance Group is the go-to specialist when it comes to Life Insurance in Tucson, Arizona. We have combined expertise and dedication in our years of being in the business. While we can’t say that we will give you the best coverage because the future is always unpredictable, we are sure that we will give you the best services. We will be there for you when the unexpected happens. With our help, rest assured that your road to financial stability will be all paved in no time. Guaranteed that with our team of experts, you can never go wrong. Unlike other insurers, we also offer no medical exam plans.                                                                                                   

Make a Wise Investment with the Right Life Insurance in Tucson, AZ                                           

Ivy Insurance Group has proven its dedication and efficiency when it comes to providing suitable insurance plans and processing claims. Through the years, Ivy Insurance Group has thrived in providing premier Term and Whole Life insurance services in Tucson without slashing the pockets of its clients. We keep things simple and clear, two things that most insurers seem to have a hard time doing. With us, you would not have to worry about getting duped by the sneaky fine print. We continue to improve our processes as our brokers strive to maintain the name we have already established in the industry. Unlike your typical insurance company, we guarantee smooth transactions, from the contract signing up to the time when your family is filing the claim. Our clients simply trust us that much to recommend us to their own friends and colleagues.                                                                                                               

The Benefits of Having a Dependable Life Insurance in Arizona                                    

We cannot emphasize enough the important of keeping yourself secure and financially stable through the security brought about by insurance. In the event of an insured client’s passing, having a good Life Insurance policy with a trusted provider will take the burden and worry off the bereaved family. Without a good insurance, huge expenses could mean drowning in debt or losing valuable property just so you could pay up. Situations like this are easier to deal with if there is insurance. Ivy Insurance Group, is an established provider of life insurance in Tucson, Arizona. It is for everybody’s peace of mind that you choose your provider wisely. Keep you and your family’s financial stability safe by arming yourself with our life insurance today.                                                                                                                                                          

Get Professional Help From Licensed Experts on No Medical Exam Insurance in Tucson                                 

Here at Ivy Insurance Group, our professionals are well-versed when it comes to any kind of life insurance. We are always ready and happy to help and provide assistance on burial insurance for seniors and critical illness policies whenever you need it. No need to worry about policy jargons because your dedicated agent will be there to explain items that you are having a hard time comprehending. You can browse our website for tons of informational articles about burial insurance for seniors and critical illness policies available or simply fill out the online form. We are known for exceptional customer service and we are telling you, that bar we set is pretty high.                                                                                                         

Most Trustworthy Insurer with First-rate Long and Short Term Insurance Plans in Tucson, AZ                                         

Here at Ivy Insurance Group we add value to every client interaction by always going the extra mile. We show how we value clients like you through warm customer service and honesty in transacting business. More than just a mere company, we take pride in our values and deep seated trust as an insurer. You can expect quick turnaround times and timely responses from our agents whenever you need anything. Our honesty and transparency in conducting business is truly what sets us apart from other providers.                                                                                                                        

What Makes Ivy Insurance Group the Top Provider of Life Insurance in AZ                                           

Through the years, Ivy Insurance Group has signed countless clients for life plans and other insurance policies. We offer a broad range of insurance policies that are applicable for varying situations such as loss of employment, severe illness, disability and death. We understand that most people may ask what will happen if a company goes bankrupt and other providers will not have a solid answer for that. With us you can choose from a wide variety of insurance options with different types of coverage and premiums. From application to claims processing, our clients are covered.                                                                                                                                                 

Check Our Plans and Choose Your Most Preferred Mortgage Protection Insurance in Tucson AZ                                   

We understand that each individual has a unique situation and capability when it comes to paying premiums. Our objective is to provide each plan holder with a policy that is tailor-fit to his and his family’s needs at a fair cost. Through the years we found out that flexible policies are more convenient than fixed ones. You can ask one of our agents about policies that do not require medical exams. The goal is to provide you with a policy that is tailor-fit to your needs and situation.                                                                                                              

Contact us for a No-Obligation Consultation for Retirement Planning in Tucson, Arizona                                              

Our team of experts would be glad to answer any question you have and help you arrive at a decision when it comes to financial planning for your retirement. It protects everything you have worked hard for all your life, especially when you reach retirement. Speak to one of our brokers to find out how we can set up a plan to ensure your expenses are met and your retirement is enjoyable. Trust only the established institution when it comes to reliable insurance policies. Fill out our online form for a no-obligation and completely free quotation. 

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