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Interesting Life Insurance Facts

  • 80% of consumers think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is

  • Even though most Americans have life insurance, most of them don’t have enough

  • The industry has an entire month devoted to making consumers aware of life insurance.  Its called Life Insurance Awareness Month held every year in September

  • 18% of life insurance customers have both term and permanent insurance policies

  • On average a funeral costs between $7000 and $10,000

Find the Most Beneficial Life Insurance in Maricopa, Arizona For You and Your Loved Ones 

If you have been looking for the right Life Insurance in Maricopa, Arizona you have come to right place. Many of us procrastinate and end up signing with a poorly researched company offering limited life plans. Our expert advisers in Ivy Insurance Group does not simply offer life insurance plans but educate their clients on ones that are most suitable to their needs. We understand the importance of our client’s hard-earned money and that is why we make sure to provide the best value for their money. 

Hiring an Established Life Insurance Provider in Maricopa 

Ivy Insurance Group is one of the most widely preferred insurance providers in Maricopa and for a valid reason. Countless years in the business and thousands of satisfied clients are proof of our consistency in providing reliable Term and Whole life policies and trustworthy client service. Every day, we continue to strive for excellence. Our goal is to have our client back in times when they need us the most. Unlike your typical insurance company, we guarantee smooth transactions, from the contract signing up to the time when your family is filing the claim.

Why You Need to Get a Reliable Life Insurance in Maricopa, Arizona Today 

Anticipating major expenses is crucial to avoiding any negative impact to your household’s financial stability. In the event of an insured passing, having a good  Insurance policy with a trusted provider will take the burden and worry off the bereaved family. Having a dependable provider such as Ivy Insurance Group allows for lesser worries at the moment when the family left behind is in mourning. It is for everybodys peace of mind that you choose your provider wisely. The lack of a good insurance in Maricopa, Arizona could mean having the mourning family deal with piles of bills or worse, battling it out with sketchy providers who make opening claims a challenge.

Work with the Experts in Policies and Processing of No Medical Exam Insurance in Maricopa

Chancing it with companies who are just starting in the business could mean working with less experienced agents who may not be able to explain all the inclusions and terms of your policy. Here at Ivy Insurance Group, you are guaranteed to be accommodated by highly experienced agents who know the ins and outs of the insurance industry. You will be thoroughly guided about the policy you are interested in and all your questions answered. In any case that you are somehow confused and undecided, our dedicated team can give you recommendations based on your own qualifications. Our job is to help you make a wise decision for you and your familys future.

We Offer Hassle-Free Claims Like No Other Long and Short Term Insurance Provider in Maricopa, Arizona 

As a family oriented company, Ivy Insurance Group ensures that members of the clients own family are served well and treated compassionately especially when they are filing an insurance claim in Maricopa. Carefully selected and trained, our team of licensed agents can guarantee accurate and efficient processing of paperwork. Rest assured that every transaction is done as true and honorable as possible. You can expect quick turnaround times and timely responses from our agents whenever you need anything. Everything is done transparently – no keeping you in the dark.

Why Choose Ivy Insurance Group to Provide You and Your Family with Life Insurance Plan in AZ

Through the years, Ivy Insurance Group has signed countless clients for life plans and other insurance policies. Being a stable institution ensures that you and your family is in good hands. All contracts are legally bound and will be followed through no matter what may befall the company. We are well-known for providing effortless processing of claims and above-average customer service. There is no need to worry about being unable to comprehend certain terms and conditions in your policy with the personalized assistance provided by your dedicated agent. No hidden prints that would later make it difficult for your family to file a claim. 

Have a Stable Financial Plan with the Right Type of Mortgage Protection in Maricopa, Arizona

In a constant process of improving our policies, we continue to review and amend our regulations for the benefit of our clients. A constant concern we encounter with clients is improper selection of the type of insurance eventually leading to either unnecessary leftover or shortage of coverage. Understanding that the needs of our client and their family may change, we allow periodical review and change or adjustment of coverage whenever necessary. Not only are working for you but with you. Aside from life insurance, we also offer other policies such as mortgage and term life insurance.

Contact Ivy Insurance Group Today For Free Consultation For Retirement Planning in Maricopa, Arizona

Being prepared financially for the future takes some planning and a lot of decision making. Let our expert financial planners help guide you in the decisions that need to be made to ensure your financial future is secure. Speak with one of our agents today to find out the best plan for you and your loved ones.  


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