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Interesting Life Insurance Facts

  • 80% of consumers think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is

  • Even though most Americans have life insurance, most of them don’t have enough

  • The industry has an entire month devoted to making consumers aware of life insurance.  Its called Life Insurance Awareness Month held every year in September

  • 18% of life insurance customers have both term and permanent insurance policies

  • On average a funeral costs between $7000 and $10,000

The Best Life Insurance in Glendale, Arizona For You and Your Family                                              

Oftentimes, we underestimate the importance of choosing the right provider for Life Insurance in Glendale, Arizona and this could lead to huge problems such as financial strain and chaos. If you have been putting aside finding the best insurer and selecting an insurance plan for you and your family, now is the time to contact us. We believe that getting insured should not be difficult. After all, every life and situation are different and so are everyone’s needs. However, we do the best we can to offer insurance that suits your requirements. With our help, rest assured that your road to financial stability will be all paved in no time. Guaranteed that with our team of experts, you can never go wrong. Unlike other insurers, we also offer no medical exam plans.                                                                                                   

Make a Wise Investment with the Right Life Insurance in Glendale, AZ                                           

Taking advantage of an insurance policy even at a young age is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Ivy Insurance Group has consistently stood out of the competition because of our outstanding customer service and unmatched life insurance options. We keep things simple and clear, two things that most insurers seem to have a hard time doing. With us, you would not have to worry about getting duped by the sneaky fine print. Observing high client satisfaction even on after-sales transactions, you are guaranteed that all your needs will be attended to by our brokers no matter how small they may seem. Our contracts are not misleading and they clearly state all terms and conditions to avoid issues arising by the time you need to make a claim. Our clients simply trust us that much to recommend us to their own friends and colleagues.                                                                                                               

Why You Need to Get a Reliable Life Insurance in Arizona Today                                              

Anticipating major expenses is crucial to avoiding any negative impact to your household’s financial stability. The smartest thing you can do is to be prepared for the unavoidable. Our goal is to make difficult situations hassle-free and easier to handle. Sadly, most crucial events entail huge expenses and the absence of a good life insurance in Glendale could take a huge toll on your household finances. Whether the incident may involve the insured being gravely ill, having a disability or meeting an untimely death, having a reliable insurance eases the impact of blown up expenses to the immediate family. The lack of a good life insurance in Glendale could mean having the mourning family deal with piles of bills or worse, battling it out with sketchy providers who make opening claims a challenge.                                                                                                                                                          

Only Licensed Agents to Handle Your No Medical Life Insurance in Glendale                                   

We put our heart in every client transaction we make. Our team of first-rate brokers consists of not only knowledgeable but genuine individuals who look after clients like family. Here at Ivy Insurance Group, we take pride in employing highly experienced agents who are not only well-versed about policies but also devoted in keeping our clients feeling like royalty. Our team of accommodating agents consists of well-informed agents who are willing to assist you with any concern that you may have. While other insurers are about meeting targeted quotas, we look beyond numbers and prioritize the best experience for our valued customers. Fill out the online form and one of our brokers will get back to you and help.                                                                                                         

Experience Premier Services from a Top-Rated Long and Short Term Insurance Provider in Glendale, AZ                                            

As a family oriented company, Ivy Insurance Group ensures that members of the client’s own family are served well and treated compassionately especially when they are filing an insurance claim in Glendale. Carefully selected and trained, our team of licensed agents can guarantee accurate and efficient processing of paperwork. More than just an insurance company, we take pride in having the most dedicated individuals who go out of their way in ensuring that each client’s need is attended to. Our licensed agents bring both their expertise and dedication to ensure a quick and seamless processing of your applications. Our honesty and transparency in conducting business is truly what sets us apart from other providers.                                                                                                                        

Ivy Insurance Group Makes a Huge Difference When It Comes to Life Insurance in  AZ                                           

Understanding what clients need from insurance companies has helped us stay on the right path and that is to provide complete insurance assistance along with excellent customer service. When people ask for a stable insurance company, the name Ivy Insurance Group is sure to pop up. Unlike other providers, we guarantee the upholding of any contract no matter where the company ends up years from now. All contracts are legally bound and will be followed through no matter what may befall the company. You can rest assured that we maintain transparency and certainly do not keep our clients uninformed about any issues in relation to their policy.                                                                                                                                                 

Select From Our Wide Selection of Mortgage Protection Insurance Plans in Glendale, AZ                                       

In a constant process of improving our policies, we continue to review and amend our regulations for the benefit of our clients. We have mortgage protection insurance which allows coverage on your mortgage in time of serious illness, job loss or passing away. Whether you are looking for a no exam policy, mortgage protection insurance or life insurance in Glendale, Arizona simply let your dedicated agent know and he will recommend the appropriate solution for you. We know that different individuals have unique situations and ways in paying for their premiums. Ask about our flexible plans through the website or call us directly today.                                                                                                              

Consult with Ivy Insurance Group About Your Retirement Planning and Life Insurance in Glendale, Arizona Today                                              

Our team of experts would be glad to answer any question you have and help you arrive at a decision when it comes to financial planning for your retirement. A well laid out retirement plan can be the best way to invest for future circumstances and your senior years. You may also use our online calculator to get an idea about available terms. Trust only the established institution when it comes to reliable insurance policies.  

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